Welcome to the blacksheep CRM Blog

While we are setting up the pens and prepare the sheep dips, this space is “under construction”. Nonetheless, we will begin publishing articles soon. So in case you wonder what blacksheep CRM is all about, read on…


Well, we do have a fondness for those wooly fellas. Mostly for sentimental reasons.

Sheep are simple. If you let them be, they totally chill on grass, hay and the odd tasty stale loaf of bread.

It’s this kind of laid back simplicity that we want to bring (back) into the way you use your IT.


The proverbial ‘black sheep’ is different.

So are we.

We’re not following the herd, we listen to you and provide exactly the services you need.


We are dyed-in-the-wool (see what we did there?) customer focused. Customer Relationship Management is what we do best.

And that includes everything else you need to interact with your customers on exceptional levels, such as Business Intelligence, Cloud Integration.

Want more?

As we said at the beginning, we’re not there yet. But if you want to talk, contact us


We’ll be baaaaack