Getting There


With the company papers filed, we think it is a good time to open the barn for the flock.

The blacksheep CRM web site aims to be your number one resource for all information about the CRM revolution that it is about to bring.

But seriously, we are happy to have you here and hope you come back often.

Here at blacksheep IT consulting, it’s all about the customer and if you recognize that motto you know what we stand for:

Best Customer Service

blacksheep serves customers around the globe in all aspects of their CRM and BI implementation projects.

We support the best-in-class CRM vendors, namely Oracle Siebel for on-premises clients and Salesforce for Cloud deployments.

For both vendors, we also support their respective Business Intelligence platforms such as Salesforce Einstein and Oracle Business Intelligence (Cloud and on-premises).

Navigating the site should be easy enough. For your convenience we have put all the important links here:

have a nice day