Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 2017 is Here

According to Oracle, the “biggest, boldest and most innovative release in the last 5 years” is now generally available.

In this article, I will discuss some highlights of Siebel 17. If you’re looking for more technical details, how to install it etc, please refer to my scribbles on the Siebel Hub blog.

Cloud 17

With Siebel CRM IP 2017, Oracle demonstrates its willingness to cut deep into the Siebel architecture to rip out stuff that does not fit into a Cloud paradigm. For example:

  • File artefacts such as SRF, SWT, siebns.dat, eapps.cfg are deprecated
  • Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE) / 3rd Party Web Server combo replaced by ‘Application Interface’
  • Configuration Wizards replaced by browser-based Siebel Management Console
  • Gateway is now Zookeeper but still a service

If you cut that deep, expect some pain. One is reminded of the agonizing upgrade from client-server Siebel 2000 to the web-based Siebel 7 back in 2001, but I doubt an upgrade to IP 17 would be as near as painful as it was back then.

If you can do it in a browser, you can do it in the Cloud

Siebel Web Tools – as the name suggest – is Siebel Tools in the browser and available as a separate Object Manager/Application with IP 2017.


Editing Web Templates in Web Tools


To be honest, this writer was a tad underwhelmed when he first laid eyes and hands on Web Tools. Imagine Siebel Tools with all the list applets but nothing else. No wizards, no graphical editors, no script editor/debugger, no Properties window, just list applets.

With one notable exception: Web Templates (which are now stored in the Repository and btw use a new syntax) can/must be edited exclusively via Web Tools.


Remember the introduction of Workspaces in IP 2016? With IP 2017, they’re mandatory. So after upgrading/installing the Siebel Database, Workspaces are enabled by default.

Even More

Siebel CRM IP 2017 has even more:

  • Integrated Test Automation (Recording, Playback, Scripts, Jenkins Integration)
  • Siebel Approval Manager
  • Migration Application


Together with our education partners, effecct and the Siebel Hub, we will be soon providing high-impact training courses on Siebel CRM IP 2017.

As they say: “Stay tuned”

have a nice day