It’s Certification Maintenance Time (Again)

Becoming Salesforce certified is not as easy as you think. The certification team at Salesforce sure does a great job shooing away those who just want to click trough a multiple-choice exam with no preparation or background knowledge.

Here at blacksheep IT consulting, we understand the importance of solid industry certification.

The problem with certifications is that the moment you hang the certificate on your office wall, it becomes obsolete. IT is a fast-paced industry and even more so is the Cloud.

It is a good thing that Salesforce requires certified professionals to complete three maintenance exams per year to stay current (and certified). However, this soon becomes a costly business with 100 USD per maintenance exam which merely consisted of five or six multiple-choice questions. This, and the fact that the exams were not proctored, so most of the answers could be found with a Google search.

And being a responsible, customer-focused consultant, you want to learn about the new release anyway.

So it’s a good thing that Salesforce is moving the maintenance exams to the very popular (and rightly so) free online Trailhead platform.


Certification Maintenance Timeline


As of Summer ’18, free maintenance units for some of the most popular certifications (Administrator, App Builder, Developer 1) are available on Trailhead. Log in with your trailhead account, finish the unit and your certification is valid for the current release.

And even if you’re not certified but just need to know what’s new in this release, the trailhead units are a perfect source of knowledge. And knowledge is power.

Click here for my public trailmix with all Summer ’18 Maintenance Exam units.

Good move, Salesforce!

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