Siebel CRM: Docker and Cloud


Siebel CRM expert Alexander Hansal discusses options for deploying Siebel on-premises and in the Cloud. The video explains the Oracle-provided options for deploying Siebel CRM using Docker and demonstrates setting up an OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) instance with Siebel 20 and sample database.


Join Siebel CRM expert Alexander Hansal in this discussion of Siebel CRM deployment options and a recorded demo of deploying Siebel 20 on Docker using Oracle’s ready-to-use OCI instance.

In the first part, we will discuss options for deploying Siebel CRM in on-premises and Cloud environments and discuss the differences between virtual machines and containers. The presentation outlines the steps for creating your own Siebel-on-Docker environment using the scripts provided by Oracle on github.

The second part is a narrated recording of provisioning a ready-to-use Oracle Cloud (OCI) instance and deploying Siebel 20 using the Jenkins project provided by Oracle.


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