Siebel Installation A-Z 2020 Recorded Online Class

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Learn everything you need to know about the installing Siebel 20.x Enterprise Server and Database with this recorded online class.
Siebel CRM expert Alexander Hansal presents and demonstrates all steps from Download to Login.
Applies to Siebel CRM IP 17 or higher. Recording based on Siebel CRM 20.3 Update.


Join Siebel CRM expert Alexander Hansal in this unique video training.

More than 2 hours of presentations and demonstrations will provide you with the knowledge you need to understand the steps to install a fresh Siebel CRM 20.x development environment (Gateway, Siebel Server, Database Server Utilities, Application Interface, Siebel Tools). In a total of 24 videos, Alex walks you through each and every (recorded) step to install Siebel CRM 20.x on Windows 2019 Server.

Check out the Project Overview video to see what’s in this class (free trailer):

Siebel Update used for this recording is 20.3

Course Modules

You will have access to the following presentation videos, including PDF materials for download:

Chapter Topic Minutes Description
1 Siebel Architecture 10 Refresher of Siebel 17+ Architecture
2 Project Overview (free) 12 Overview of the A-Z installation project

Narrated Demonstrations

The following narrated videos of live demonstrations are included:

Chapter Topic Minutes Description
1 VM Setup and Downloads 16 Steps to set up a Windows 2019 VM (AWS EC2 is used for the video). Installation of auxiliary software and download of Oracle 19c 32-bit Client and 19c Database installers.
2 Install Oracle Database 19c 4 Installation of Oracle Database 19.3 on Windows 2019 Server
3 Install Oracle Client 32-bit 19c 3 Installation of Oracle Client 32-bit on Windows 2019 Server
4 Create self-signed certificate and JKS 5 Steps to use a sample script to create a self-signed certificate and Java keystore
5 Download Siebel Installers 12 Download of 17.0 and 20.3. Extraction of installer images using Siebel Network Image Creator (snic)
6 Install Siebel Enterprise Server 17.0 5 Installation of Siebel 17.0 Base for Gateway, Siebel Server and Database Server Utilities
7 Update Siebel Enterprise Server 20.3 7 Installation of Siebel Update 20.3 on SES, discussion of Post Install DB Setup utility
8 Prepare Database 3 Prepare Oracle Database for Siebel Install Database Process (tablespaces, grantusr.sql)
9 Install Siebel Database 5 Install Siebel Database 20.3
10 Activate License Keys 3 Activating Siebel license keys using License Key Manager
11 Install Language Packs 6 Install Language Packs (Seed data and Repository data)
12 Install Siebel Tools 17.0 4 Installation of Siebel 17.0 Base for Siebel Tools, discussion of Oracle XE Local Database
13 Update Siebel Tools 20.3 3 Installation of Siebel Update 20.3 on Siebel Tools
14 Full Publish 3 Run a full publish of the Runtime Repository
15 Install Application Interface 17.0 3 Installation of Siebel 17.0 Base for Siebel Application Interface (AI)
16 Update Application Interface 20.3 3 Installation of Siebel Update 20.3 on Siebel AI, discussion of tomcat service
17 SMC Bootstrap 9 First Login to SMC, Bootstrap process (Gateway Registry/ZooKeeper setup)
18 Enterprise Deployment 4 Create Enterprise Profile and deploy the Enterprise in SMC
19 Siebel Server Deployment 6 Create Siebel Server Profile and deploy the first Siebel Server
20 Siebel AI Deployment 6 Create AI Profile and deploy the first AI, test application login for ENU and language packs
21 Migration Application Deployment 3 Create Migration Profile and deploy Migration Application, test and create Connection for host Enterprise
22 DISA Installation and Configuration 6 Installation of Desktop Integration Siebel Agent (DISA), import certificates, create Application User Prop for Inline Attachment Editing


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