Siebel CRM Training with Alexander Hansal

A unique learning experience in a live web-conference setting or in convenient on-demand video and self-study formats. Learn from one of the most distinguished Siebel CRM instructors from the comfort of your home or office.

Join Siebel CRM expert Alexander Hansal in a unique learning experience.

The following classes are available for Live Online Learning. Each course includes:

  • High-quality PDF course materials and exercise guides, up-to-date with the latest Siebel CRM release
  • Access to a training environment (Remote Desktop)

Siebel 20/21 Workshop

The ultimate “New Features” Workshop. Continuously updated, so you always get the latest knowledge on the latest Siebel CRM Release. Ideal for experienced Siebel professionals who need to understand the changes and enhancements from IP 17 to the current release.

Siebel 20/21 Open UI Basics

A fresh look at Siebel Open UI. This course is for beginners and Siebel developers who want to understand Siebel Open UI.

Siebel 20/21 Open UI Professional

This course has everything to make you a true Open UI Professional. Include third-party libraries and UI frameworks such as Vue.js to achieve the ultimate Siebel CRM experience.

Siebel 20/21 Upgrade Workshop

A deep technical journey into the world of the Siebel Upgrade. If you are planning to upgrade from pre-IP 17 to Siebel 21.x, this course is a must-have.

Siebel 20/21 Developer Essentials

The most up-to-date and most comprehensive Siebel Developer training available on the market. If you are new to Siebel CRM, look no further. This training is also available for IP 16 and earlier.

Siebel 20/21 Administration

Ensure that Siebel Operations teams and Administrators are fully aware of all the architectural changes and implications of Siebel IP 17 and higher. This training focuses on the needs of those who manage and operate the Siebel CRM infrastructure.

Contact me ( for a free training assessment and quote. All training offerings are flexible in regards to content, duration and delivery method (live online, on-site or recorded).

Recorded Online Classes

Instant knowledge when and where you need it. Delivered by CRM expert Alexander Hansal.

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Siebel CRM Upgrade

Learn all about the Siebel CRM Upgrade process and get ready for Siebel 21.

This brand new recorded online class provides you with detailed overview and insight on the Siebel CRM Upgrade process.

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Siebel Migration Application

Understand the Siebel Migration Application and how it helps to step up your deployment game.

This recorded online class provides you with comprehensive insights and live-action demonstrations. All areas such as repository, LOVs, files and ADM are covered.

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