Siebel CRM 20/21 Modular Workshop



blacksheep IT consultingOn Demand Education and the Siebel Hub proudly present the most comprehensive and up-to-date Siebel CRM training course available on the market: The Siebel 20/21 Workshop.

The Siebel CRM 20/21 Workshop covers all new features and enhancements introduced in Siebel CRM between Innovation Pack 17 (17.0) and current Siebel versions, including 20.x and 21.x.

The course is ideal for any Siebel professional aiming to get a deep, technical understanding and broad overview of the state of Siebel CRM in 2020 and 2021.

The modular approach allows you to get the exact training you need by purchasing the modules you want to focus on.

Each module is separated into:

  • Recorded video presentation
  • Presentation slide deck (PDF)
  • Recorded exercise videos (where available)
  • Exercise guides (PDF, where available)



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